What You Think Matter’s To God


What you think, and what you do not think, matter to God. At 1 Chronicles 28:9 it reads, “ All hearts Jehovah is searching, and every inclination of the thoughts he is discerning.” What we think, and what is in our hearts mater to God. If those things mater to God, they also should mater to us. If we do not think, or feel toward God, then ……………………. At James verse 4:8 it tells us, “ Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.” Isaiah 55:6 tells us “Search for Jehovah while he may be found. Call to him while he is near.” There is an implication there that should be heeded. This system of things is not going to continue, as we have shown, that is physically impossible, because man continues to ruin the very place he depends on to live. The next generation will run out of oil and gas, the earth is not manufacturing an endless supply of it. We cut down our trees to make trash for our land fills. Look at your children, without the intervention of God, and a relationship with him, this earth is going to become very inhospitable to them in thirty years. China alone, will suffocate in it’s pollution, fracking is turning the foundations our building are built upon to sand, creating cavities for gas and oil to pollute our aqua firs, and turning our water into petrol. I am painfully aware that our generation has sunk into such an intellectual stupor, that asking them to read for more than thirty seconds ( I believe that is the latest statistic ) will loose their attention span, and actually cause them irritation. When I went to school, reading was a requirement. Today I was reminded by someone, that photos as well, require too much effort to view, and any message they attempted to convey, would be lost by their inclusion. Now Americans have become so mentally lazy, that photos require to much attention. When we become to lazy to even look at pictures, I believe that it is then, that that person, is beyond retrieval. There is an ancient saying that goes something like this, “ “There are people in the world, that poses an arrogance so entrenched, that if a thought or idea is not their own, you will never be able to convey it.” Another way I heard something similar was, “ There are people that if they didn’t already know it, you are never going to be able to tell them.” The bible calls this type of personality “ An Unteachable Spirit”. At John 17:3, says this “this means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.” And at Mathew 28: 19 Jesus said, “ Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, teaching them to observe all of the things I have commanded you, and look, I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.” Taking in knowledge, means listening to others about things that you did not know before. The implication told by Jesus about teaching the nations to observe his commands, is that a person would avail himself to being taught, and then complying with the things they learned. I have a saying that “The person who thinks that they know everything, has not yet begun to learn” . You can quote that. When a person deliberately chooses to not learn about God, or indeed about any other thing that could save their lives, then perhaps we should just back off and give them the fruits of their own labor. I have tried every form of communication, and all of it has failed. What I have been successful at, is alienating every single person that I tried to reach out to. I used to think, that the reason that people were without faith, was simply the absence of knowledge. If I could just find some way of conveying to them the things that I know, they also would believe. All of the things that I believe have a scriptural foundation. In Proverbs 3: 1-6 it tells us , “ “My son, do not forget my teaching, And may your heart observe my commandments, Because they will add many days And years of life and peace to you. Do not let loyal love and faithfulness leave you. Tie them around your neck; Write them on the tablet of your heart; Then you will find favor and good insight In the eyes of God and man. Trust in Jehovah with all your heart, And do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, And he will make your paths straight. Do not become wise in your own eyes. Fear Jehovah and turn away from bad.” I try to always maintain a scriptural view of things. No one is more imperfect than me, for sure, but that does not automatically disqualify me, from having faith in God, who is perfect, and the freedom to speak of him. I have however, drifted away from all scriptural evidence and council concerning the ability of others to have, desire or even develop faith or a knowledge of our Creator. They simply are not capable, and not interested, and it is my greatest failure, for not recognizing and accepting it. Jesus spelled it out clearly for us, that not everyone would put faith in him, but rather actually very precious few would. In the Hebrew scriptures, often times, faithful men were alone in the entire world, in their time, the Bible spoke of no one else but them. Able, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses, these men found themselves alone in faith and in their relationship with Jehovah. Some of these men of course had wives and family members who did love Jehovah. The history of the Jewish, Israelite nation, whom Jehovah tried in every way possible, to build a relationship with them, failed, because these people, no mater what he did, no mater how many times they witnessed his miracles, they simply could not build up a faith in him, until he had to let them go, he released them to the nations, to be trampled on by the nations until the very end, calling them a stiff necked people. The Hebrew scriptures, hundreds of times, refers to them as not being able to stay away from serving false gods, and of offering up their children to the fires of Molech and Baal. Likewise today, in the face of all evidence, man turns his face away from God. The things that I have been writing to you are two parallel messages. One message is where the world is heading, and what is going to happen when it gets there. The other message is to build your faith in the only person who can save you, and all you have to do, is change how you think about him, and about yourself. What you think, what you believe, can save your life, even more than what you do, and it does not require perfection, or freedom from sin or mistakes. As I mentioned before, there are people behind bars who cannot really do much of anything to help God. All of the Apostles met violent deaths, as did many Christians over the years. John was imprisoned on Patmos when he wrote Revelations. So it is how you think, what you believe, the condition of your heart that God looks at, and those things you have complete control of, you are the one who makes the choice of how you think, and what you believe. You must however, align your thinking with the true things about God, you must give him consideration, and you must begin now, you cannot wait. It takes time for humans to adopt new teachings, new things learned, and to incorporate these new thoughts into their intellectual repertoire. The things that I have written, are new to you, they are things that you have never heard before, new ways of looking at things, and yet their source is thousands of years old. All of the things I have written are simple, easy to understand, they are logical and reasonable and are backed up with some sort of outside reference that is available to everyone. This knowledge, these things, you need to know, and you need to know it right now. I am pointing out what is happening, but at the same time, I am pointing out why it is happening so that you have a complete understanding of what is going on, and I am pointing the way out. I cannot force you to go in the direction to continue living, and Jehovah does not and will not, force life upon anyone. Your life is in your hands, and you can save yourself, but you are the one who is in the driving seat. God will give you everything you need to save yourself, but at the same time your life is dependent upon the giver of all life, everything that you need to go on living, he provides, and apart from him, no one remains alive. So adopting an attitude that you do not need him, or knowledge of or about him, is not the right attitude to take. He did not leave any of us without knowledge of him, he wrote it down, and he gave us all a copy, and he sent someone to explain it to us, so that we could clearly understand it. It is written in very clear easy to understand language, in the most elementary ways, so that no mater what level of education a person has, they are able to exactly understand in an unmistakable way, knowledge of God and his requirements for life. Notice, that the scriptures that I have included in my writing, are all clear and easy to understand. But at the same time, take notice of this fact, all of the Churches teach the exact opposite of the scriptures that I have included. Don’t you find that curious ? You should ! And if you do not find it curious, than either you did not read what I wrote, or you are deliberately refusing to accept it’s author at his word, in essence, calling him a liar. Whenever you tell someone that you do not believe what they say, you are in essence, calling that person a liar. And really, what does it say about you, when you call someone a liar, and every single speck of evidence proves that that person is telling the truth, and every single speck of evidence of the opposing view reeks of lies, and yet you believe them ? Every single thing that the Bible tells us is true, but you yourself, have the proof at hand, that not everything that the Churches teach is true, and for an absolute fact certainty, the religious doctrines of Christendom, are in direct conflict with the scriptures. Whatever it is that they teach has no foundation in the scriptures at all, and if you think, that I am not being fair here, I challenge you, to Google for yourself any doctrine of any church of your choice, to find out if what they teach as doctrines have scriptural backing, and get back to me and let me know your findings. If you find, that those churches are in fact teaching things that are not true about God, while claiming to be Christian, what do you think you should do ? And what kind of person would you be, if you deliberately choose to remain in close association with a church that you know does not teach the truth about God ? If you had a friend whom you loved dearly, and one day you saw them at a party thrown by someone who was your sworn enemy, who said and did horrible things in your name, how would you feel about that person, would you still call them friend or would you remove them from your next guest list ? Should you expect God to feel anything less than contempt for anyone who knowingly associates with his enemy ? To be held in contempt by God is really not the best place for a person to stand. That is why the Bible so clearly states, “ Get out of false religion, because her sins have em-massed clear into the heavens and God has called her injustices to mind” one church also refers to itself as “ the mother church” so the bibles analogy of “she” is accurate as well. All of Christendoms churches are daughters of this church, and the Mother Church taught all of them well. God has always had true faithful followers, and they should be easy to recognize, and should be available to everyone for free. Jesus said, you received free, give free. That is why they should be free from the influence of money and greed, not one single person in God’s organization should get paid, no one. They should be free of political and governmental conflicts or ties or associations, because their King is the Christ. They should be different from all other religions on earth in this sense as well, they should refuse to pick up arms and slaughter their fellow believers or any other person. This is in direct contrast to all other religions but it is in direct alignment with all of the teachings of Christ. Find the religion that does not kill it’s own members and bingo, you found it, you don’t have to look hard. All wars have as their root cause religion, false beliefs, religious ideologies. The three things that make up the rope around the throats of man are governments, religion, and money. These three things are intrinsically bound and codependent and related. Erasing or tampering with either, will effect all three, they are not separate. But while either of them remain, man will never know peace, security or human advancement. The Bible is the only book that ever was, that tells us that God is going to destroy them. Of all the books in all the libraries on earth, there is only one book, that tells mankind, that God is going to destroy, all governments, except his own, and all religions, except those who put their faith in him. Putting faith in the enemy of God, will not insure your survival, getting away from God’s enemy, will go along way for you, it is a start at least. Every thing that that book has ever said has happened, has happened, so we can rest assured that everything that it says will happen, will also come true. All physical evidence right this moment points to the staging of the last remaining three events to take place before the establishment of Gods kingdom. The United Nations will destroy religion, there will be a great tribulation caused by that, meaning, man will go nuts when religion comes down, this will cause massive civil unrest, causing a great destruction of society that earth has never experienced before, shortly after that, then God will destroy the political governments. What remains after that, and who remains after that will be up to God. The Bible is clear, that some humans survive. Revelations says that there was a great crowd of people who no man was able to number, that survives, that came out from the great tribulation. So there will be survivors. But the bible is also clear that the destruction of life by God, of those who he counted in among-st his enemies, because they placed no faith in him, spread from one end of this earth to the other. As there is only one book on earth that makes mankind aware of what is about to happen, likewise there should be only one faith on this entire planet that is telling you what the Bible says about these events, to come. Is there any religion out there that you know of that is telling you that the United Nations is going to destroy them ? Your answer is no, there is not. There is not one single Church out there that is telling you from the pulpits, that governments are about to destroy them. Just imagine what would happen in the Catholic Church if the Pope were to announce that the United Nations was going to wipe them out, how would all of the good Catholics respond do you think. But the faithful servants of God should be telling you exactly that. But, so that is fulfills Bible prophecy, and comes as a surprise, no mater how loud Gods faithful servants scream this message, the people do not listen. Just like Jesus said, they would take no note, until they were swept away. Take note, right now, do not become swept away, you do not have to, it is a deliberate choice you can make. Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you, as James 4:8 says, and right now, close to God is where you want to be. Hint, God’s people are not in those places he is going to destroy. If the building says Church on the outside of it, and the United Nations are going to destroy the Churches, isn’t that a clue, don’t be there. Simply leaving the churches is not enough to win Gods protection, you must prove to him, that you are trying, that you want to be on his side, you might not know how, you may feel that you do not know enough, or have the knowledge, that does not mater to him, what mater to him is that you are trying, and are willing. Remember that when the Israelite’s left Egypt, those Egyptians who wanted to go with them could, and walked with them on dry land, through the red sea, they were showing Jehovah that they trusted him, the living God. Their future life required that they not return to false worship, and that they continued to learn of Gods requirements for life. As long as you show God that you are willing to learn about him, and are obedient to the things he tells you, and they add no burden, than you can be called by him his friend, and God always does good things for his friends. But as in anyone that you would call a friend, you have to get to know that person. Get to know God, it is so easy, he told us all about himself.

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