All Wars Are About Religion

All Wars – All Of Them – Are About Religion

The next three prophecies to be fulfilled are these in chronological order; 1. Mankind finally realizes that most of their problems are generated by the false religious systems. Mankind finally puts 2 and 2 together and realizes that all the blood that has ever been shed on earth, starting with Cain and Abel, to this moment, are because of and at the hands of false religion. 25 % of the earth is Muslim, All of Africa and most Arab. Egypt is Muslim as well. Sit around your table with your family to have your normal diner, just like you always do, then close your eyes and imagine the sounds of soldiers at your front door, you and your husband powerless to fight them as they kick it in, not bothering to knock. You have a couple of young daughters, or even teens, and they already know about them. They are there at the behest of the local Imam and his helpers to subdue you while they carry out their horrible atrocity right in front of your entire family. The soldiers grab your daughters and strip them naked right before you, then without a drop of anesthesia or blood clotting aid, they take a twelve inch knife and slice off your daughters genitals right in front of your face while the soldiers hold you down so that you see the whole thing, both of them, and leave them bleeding to death in your arms. Often the wife is raped at the same time. You may think what you want of this entry, but this is what is happening in Africa and in Egypt right now, female circumcision has been going on by force for decades, while the world stands by and watches. This is not circumcision of the clitoral hood to achieve greater pleasure, this is the complete removal of the clitoris and the vulva. The God that made those body parts to provide pleasure for the woman, would never authorize a man to hack them off. If you think that these people serve god in a way that god would approve, than prove it to me by allowing them to babysit your daughters. No, Religion does not get any more false than this. They have some teachers that assure them that if they strap bombs to themselves and go into a crowded market place and blow up a bunch of innocent men women and children that God will reward them with a special place in heaven where he sponsors for them an orgy, where they have as many as seventy virgins that they must deflower. Really, Really, do you buy into that, is that how you think as well. Or are you one of those that still believe that they have the right to believe what they want to believe, and so does everyone else for that matter, they are just exercising their right to worship God how they want, and it is their God given right. To those of you who believe that, why don’t you whisper that in the ear of your daughter while they are slicing off her most sensitive parts, ” Don’t worry dear, they are just here to serve  their God.” And while your wife is being raped by about twenty men, you could convince yourself that this was all a part of  Gods big plan. This happens daily by this religion, in those countries, and how anyone could possible argue in their defense leaves me with the thought, that those who think that this is ok, and stand by and watch and do nothing and accept it, deserve nothing less than the punishment reserved for those who inflict such horrible things. During the Crusades it was just as bad, mass rapes and murders of people, they marched through countries and you had a choice, you could be a Catholic or die, but even if you agreed to be a catholic, they still got what they came for, rape, murder, and loot, all in the name of worshiping god. All wars, all of them are about religion. I look forward to the day, when those who believe that all Religions are good, no longer exist.

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