Clarence Sisk Yes Jenni Solipsist. They believe that they exist in some form of abstract conscientiousness that they themselves have conjured up. And you are right, they are dangerous. There are forms of thought that get people killed. Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin. Islam, Catholicism these forms of thought terrorized the world. Allowing people to believe what ever they want to, gets people killed, what we believe matters, and what a person does not believe matters. Take Chemtrails as a modern day example. There are people out there who actually denie what they can see with their own eyes, my family and friends is an example of that that I personally live with, these people cannot or will not see these things, and because of this, our very lives are threatened, because if we do not stop Chemtrails, all life on earth will end. It is not ok for anyone to believe any thing they want, as in, there is no truth, there is no lies, there is only what is. That is the things we are teaching our children in schools right now, and the name of that teaching concept is Common Core, and it is the very foundation of Solipsism. IE, it doesn’t matter what you believe, if it is true to you, than it is true. These people are gone, there is nothing you can do with them, as harsh as that may sound, they are victims of a world gone mad. There are things that are true, no matter what the solipsist tells us, ask any scientist about the laws of physics, go against them, because you think that you can do anything that you want, or believe anything that you want, and the result might just be not what you expected. Ask a Math teacher if 2+2 equals 5 like common core teaches our children that it does. How about an orchestra, with a Solipsist playing any note they desire. Even God found that there were people in this world that were beyond help, and he found himself in a position where he himself came to the conclusion, there was nothing he could do with them, they were so far gone, that there was nothing he could do to make them stop killing their own children. They even began to erect holidays to kill their own children, the holiday of fertility, where they deliberately did all they could to get pregnant, so that 9 months later, at the celebration of Saturnalia, they could offer up that child in sacrifice, to this very day, mankind continues in those celebrations, and child sacrifice, even to the point of 65,000,000 children have been sacrificed in America alone in the abortion clinics, these Satanic alters of child sacrifice. This is also Solipsism, a belief system, where only the individual matters. I say to them, when they are brought into the emergency room after an accident, or a heart attack, “Well you conjured up this reality in your own mind, you must have felt that you needed it, so conjure up a different reality for yourself, and good luck with that” and If I was a doctor I would turn around and walk out of that room, and not loose a moments sleep. There are people in this world, that the world is better off without, and Solipsist are in that group, anyone who feels that it does not matter what they believe are dangerous, and the world is better off without them, and I dare say, that if the world were filled with them, they would destroy it, because to a Solipsist, nothing matters, because nothing exist, so I say, neither should they.

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