Little Gods Introduction

” Now the serpent proved to be the most cautious of all the wild beasts of the field that Jehovah God had made.  So it began to say to the woman:  “Is it really so that God said you must not eat from every tree of the garden?”  At this the woman said to the serpent: “Of the fruit of the trees  of the garden we may eat. But as for [eating] of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden,  God has said, ‘You must not eat from it, no, you must not touch it that you do not die.’” At this the serpent said to the woman: “You positively will not die. For God knows that in the very day of your eating from it your eyes are bound to be opened and you are bound to be like God,  knowing good and bad.”

You have heard me say many times, that understanding this text from Genesis is the key to understanding all religions, because this Satanic lie, is taught by all of the religions on earth today. And they are not ashamed of it at all, they teach it with boldness. It is the foundation from which all of their other beliefs are built, this belief, that man cannot die, because he is actually a God himself. Just like God, in God’s image.

The Word Of Faith movement, taught by numerous Televangelists, teach this lie. They teach that man is actually a God, man became Gods unto themselves, created themselves into existence, they became just like God. They teach that man was a God before he became a Man-God, that he resided in Heaven with God.

Of course, this doctrine is filled with as many holes as there are Man – Gods on earth today according to their claims, I mean. What sort of Gods are they, to watch as their loved ones wither and die, or are raped and murdered, are staving and homeless, their children dying of cancer, I ask again, exactly what sort of Gods are they, if not the sort born of and by the most evil.

And yet we can clearly see, by their very attendance records, the condition of the American people, of a so called Christian Nation. Americans are not able to see truth or falsehood, they are apathetically blind to both. I think of last review, Joel Osteen alone had Lakewood Church attendance of some 16,000 people. Health, Wealth, and Prosperity preachers, lay claim that all you have to do to get anything that you want, that new car, new house, Lear Jet, is think it, and it will happen, because God wants you to be rich, healthy, and prosperous, all of the very things that Jesus promised would NOT happen to his followers. These people are simply repackaging the same Satanic lies taught at the Garden Of Eden.

I clipped out these postings from the film. I did not want to give the URL to the Film, because it itself is filled with lies about God, and I am not the sort to spread lies about God. I did not want you to hear them. Look at all of these postings, there is allot of them, read them, think about them. Once before I said, “You cannot learn about God, going to the schools of Satan.”