Get Away From Me

Whenever a person invokes God to action, it is a prayer. Some people and some dictionaries define a prayer as a religious act. If you are asking God to do something, or be something, or be somewhere, or accusing him of something, you better make sure that your accusation, request of him, is something that he would approve of. If a person prayed to God about something that God has already said that he finds detestable, or is in direct conflict with Gods stated desires, he will not be pleased, but rather he will be insulted. It is not a good idea to insult God.

What inspires me to re-post this is the constant continual programming of the American broadcast networks of , and about, the about of air in a football. With all of the issues that face the human race, Americans seem to be only able to focus on things of absolute zero importance. CNN seems to this very day, unable to let go of the news story about the missing pound of air in the Tom Brady Football. Americans are not alone in thinking that playing sports is the most important thing in life, this is a universal intellectual desolation. Thousands of sports facilities are built around the world, into the Trillions of dollars, the Olympic stadium in Russia last time cost $ 200 Billion in total after it was done. I do not know of, and I have never even heard of one single facility in this entire world, for the homeless. A place where they can live, no questions asked. A place to sleep, a shower, a bathroom, and food. Instead, America, actually passes laws to make it illegal to help the homeless. In one University in America, the Coach makes 5.4 Million Dollars a year, whereas the professors make $50,000 a year. There are serious, serious issues to be solved in this country, and searching the world over, and involving law enforcement, and the court system, and prime time media coverage of it all, over a missing pound of air in a football is the perfect example of the childish mentality of Americans in general, and why there is no hope of saving them from what is coming upon them, their priorities, and their focus, is on those hypnotic screens, so lovingly provided for them by the globalist. They can even get them for free now, I noticed that even Verizon is offering free smart phones, the government wants you occupied, so that you are too busy to see what they are doing right in front of your face, even poisoning you from the sky, in broad daylight, right in front of your face, and you are so drugged by it, that you never once complain, or even acknowledge it.

So why the point of prayer. It is because at every game, even school games, Americans are praying to God to bless them in their efforts to bounce their balls. They are even praying to God, by virtue of the pledge of allegiance, to bless the country where they play with their balls. This country, this country, this country, that vaporized 200,000 innocent men women and children in Japan, and protected the Emperor who was causing the problem, this country, this country, this country, who has slaughtered, murdered, sawn asunder, ripped apart limb for limb, innocent children, in the numbers exceeding 65,000,000 by now on the child sacrifice alters of planned parenthood and her associates. This country, this country, this country, who by the admission of our own presidents, invaded Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, causing the destabilization of the entire region and the death of who can count. By their own admission, more than 500,000 children have starved to death in Iraq alone. Not one single word from CNN, but endless discussion, for months on end about the amount of air in a football, you stupid, stupid, stupid, ignorant people. You hypocrites, Saddam Hussein was executed for war crimes, and the president of this country, who admitted to invading that country and slaughtering the civilians there, still walks free. You are, in the words of Joe South, there are none so blind as he who WILL NOT see. If you own or display an American flag, get off of my Facebook, if you can pledge your allegiance to a country, who murders innocent children while they are still in their mothers womb, there are not sufficient derogatory words for how I feel about it. I am in the right camp here in how I feel about your allegiance to this country, and it disgust me, even God himself, turned his back on his own nation of people because they would not give up, slaughtering the innocent, and of every nation that has ever been born of evil man, the United States of America, is the undisputed worst, open your eyes, and look at the facts.

And you have the insane nerve to even own that abominable representation, the American Flag, that you pray to, of one of the most evil, vile, horrendous, murderous, terrorist, nation, that earth has ever scene. Hitler was bad, killing 6,000,000 Jews, of that fact there is no doubt. But The United States of America, has invaded countries, and slaughtered millions around this globe, and more than 65,000,000 innocent child sacrifice victims on its own soil, and continues to this very moment.

You stupid, stupid, stupid people, asking God to bless this nation, what blasphemy.

I’ll say it again, if you own an American flag, if you display an American flag, if you pledge your loyalty and your life to a nation who by it’s own admission, slaughters innocent men women and children all over this world, including it’s own soil, I am not embarrassed or ashamed to say, that I despise you, get as far away from me as you can. There is nothing I can do to help you. Just like Germany, those are prison camps being built, those are tanks at the police stations, that is not climate control mechanisms being dispersed over your head, it is poison. This country has made it illegal for you to own water, or grow your own food, and still, you have the insanity to pray to God to bless the very nation that is trying to kill you, what exactly is wrong with you. This government is building entire cities under ground, and prisons on top of the ground, and you sit on your sofa, drink your beer, and salute your flag, and say not one word about it, while they do it right in front of your face, I believe as a test of the inoculation efficiency of what they are drugging you with. I would say to you to wake up, but now I believe that you are too far gone to wake up, for sure, the nation is, it cannot be revived, there is nothing that can be done to turn the tides of the oceans of calamity headed this way. In your face, the government is planning for it, not to help you, not to save you, but to end you. Those camps are prisons, surrounded by razor wire, do you believe that any institution needs razor wire to give you refuge. Razor wire is used exclusively for imprisonment. Why does hospitals and the post office need AK 47’s for and ammunition safes, think people, think, when in the history of England or America, did hospitals need to arm themselves. The reason is, because this government knows what is coming, and they are getting ready for it. Desperate people do desperate things, and when a loved one is hurt, and there is no other option, a man will hold a doctor at gunpoint to treat his loved one. You are being mislead by your own permission, because you are refusing to see what your own eyes are telling you.

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