My Religion

My Religion

Because of the things I write, and the things I talk about, and the terminology I use, people are always asking me, “What religion are you?” Make no mistake, I have a faith in God. Someone I love dearly once asked me, “In two words, what is the true religion.” The answer to that simple question is “NO RELIGION”. This posting is not about doctrinal issues, I have written more than 500,000 words about doctrinal issues in Religion is a belief system formed by man to satisfy the genetic need and desire of his DNA structure to know and have a relationship with his creator. Our need for our creator is carved into our psyche. Although rejected by most, it is as much of a human need as any other. You may be thinking, “But didn’t God make religion ???” No he didn’t, he never needed to. He didn’t need to make up a story about himself that was never true. God does not need to lie to anyone to justify his very existence, and religion is a lie about God. The oldest book of the history of man, explains to us that in the early moments of man’s creation, he turned his back on God, and rejected his right to rule over man, and took sides with the enemy of God, Satan. Understanding how man was put together, Satan knew that mankind’s need to worship his creator, had to be satisfied. So to mislead man away from God, Satan’s first words, were the foundation of every religion that he would create after that, “You Positively Will Not Die”, and every religion after that taught, and still teaches, that very same Satanic lie. God said that you will die, Satan says that you won’t, what has your experience taught you ?? Allowing man to go on living, would of meant that God was agreeing with Satan, and in essence calling himself a liar. So, being rejected by both Adam and Satan, God stepped aside, and let them live out their claim, prove their point, that God was lying to them. We are all living the experience that calling God a liar, and testing him, was not a good idea. In a twisted way however, it should build our faith, that God was right, and that both religion and Satan are the real liars. Man pleaded with God for his physical presence, and God heard those plies, and gave to them the Mosaic Law Covenant, and later Kings. Some may say the the Jewish system of things is a religion, but notice, that it is never referred to as a religion. During the time of the formation of the Israelite’s and Moses and Arron leading the Jewish Nation, God revealed himself in physical aberrations, that the entire world could see. It did not require faith, in fact faith was not even mentioned, because a person could see the presence of God. At the time of the Garden of Eden, the entire known world of that time could walk right up to the angels guarding the entrance to the garden, those angels stood guard for 1600 years until Noah’s flood. All of the known world of Adams days, and all of the known world of the Israelite System, could witness the very presence and power of God. This is one reason why there is so much religious fervor in the world, because the existence of God in those times was made manifest, and passed on to all generations proceeding them. These physical manifestations ended when the last of the Apostles died. This is the reason why there is so much fervor and passion in the religious systems, because our forefathers witnessed the physical presence of a higher power outside of our own, convinced, all the way to their deaths. The scriptures tell us that the end of the mosaic law covenant, the Jewish System of things, the Temple, Jerusalem, would find fulfillment and their end, in the Death of Christ Jesus, and from that moment on we, that is believers, would no longer walk by sight, meaning, those who could actually see the presence of God, but after Christ and the Apostles died, we would walk with God by faith alone. God has no religion, and he never gets involved or participates in any way, in the religious systems created by man, and Satan. The faith started by Christ, is yet to be restored.

I hold the scriptures in esteem, and I do believe that the pages of this book were penned by men while under the inspiration of our creator, things he wanted us to know, and it is within the pages of that book, that we should find our faith, and our greatest source of inspiration. The very last verse of John, says this,”I suppose that if everything that Christ said and did were ever written down in detail, the world itself could not contain the scrolls.” Tracing the history of man back to Adam and Eve, is a period of 6,000 years, we have been able to document to that point. Let the scientist claim that man was on earth before earth was ever formed if they want, and that everything in the universe was formed in a singular explosion exactly 4.5 billion years ago, as if they were there. Let them also have their belief systems. At some point we will all collectively have the knowledge that is accurate and true that Jesus talked to us about. “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”, and until we all do together, none of us will be truly free. Religion is the belief of things that are false, and until religion, which has been proven to be false, this weapon of war, is ended, we will all remain slaves to it. And that is the whole point of this posting, to help you become unchained to false beliefs, religion. And as contradictory as it may sound, to increase your faith in God.

There is no, completely accurate, true form of faith or religion on earth today. I have studied them all, there isn’t. That might seem like a bold statement, but it is exactly like Christ said it would be. He said, that when he died, the christian faith would die with him. But the scriptures also tell us, that he would return, and when he does, that christian faith would be restored. That time period is yet in the future, it has not happened yet. People say, “How can you be so sure”? Well take a look around you, open your eyes, does the world around you reflect a world filled with the accurate knowledge and the teachings of Christ, or is it not rather filled with the teachings of Satan, the enemy of God. Are people being feed, healed, clothed, raised from the dead, or are they sick, dying, homeless, starving, killing, robbing, raping? Not at all the world Christ foretold he would establish upon his return. But it is the world that he described would exist, just before his return.

You have to know the truth about God and his Son, Christ, so that you will recognize it when he returns, you cannot recognize the truth, if you don’t know it. However, given the learning curve of human awakening, it is my sincere belief, that you might just be out of time to learn it. As a rule, the typical American will not believe that his house is on fire, until the coach of the game he is watching on TV tells him it is. The churches are the religious systems establish by the enemy of God to mislead mankind away from God. Every single one of them fall under this category, they all belong to Satan. Christ Jesus gave us the details of when to expect his return. They can be found in the 24th chapter of Matthew. The 14th verse said that just before his arrival, the message of his approaching kingdom would be heralded around the world, today that is being done. This message is preached before an event he refers to as the Great Tribulation arrives, a time he says will be so bad, that unless God steps in to stop it, no one would live through it, but because of the people he has chosen out of the nations, he stops it. At this point, I want you to think Chemtrails. If Chemtrails are not stopped, no one, and no life form, will live through it, it will kill us all. This is not only happening right now, but it is being increased by magnitudes. The return of Christ happens during the Great Tribulation, the Great Tribulation has not started yet, but it is on our heels, as I just said, THINK CHEMTRAILS. It is during the Great tribulation that Christ separates the sheep from the goats, and takes out from among the nations “A people for his Name” , be a sheep. The scriptures also tell us that every nation on earth will know it is Christ returning, so there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind, not in your mind, and not in my mind, it will be clear to the entire world, that he has returned, he protects his sheep, and destroys all of those who fight against him, do not fight against Christ when he arrives. The worse things get on earth, the closer is his arrival. Remember, God allows things to get to the point where every single person on earth understands with no reservation, that without Gods help, we are all going to die, it is then that he steps in. WHY IS THAT ? It is because so that forever more, all of mankind, and all of the angels in heaven are witnesses to the fact, that man cannot rule over man, nor can any angel, so that the challenge made to God at the Garden of Eden is never raised again, and it is put to rest forever more. If anyone in the future challenges God’s right to rule over his creation, his destruction will be immediate, with the full acknowledgment and agreement of all mankind and all spiritual life.

The group of people who are preaching the good news of Gods kingdom, in the way the scriptures describe it to be done, is well known. I know them well, I studied with them, and I have almost every book they ever published. But studying with them, does in no way make me one of them, it takes more than that to become one of them. They printed a book called,”The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life” in 1968. John Lennon studied that book with them, and from that learning, wrote the song “Imagine” . The overall context of that book and their belief system, mesh perfectly with the lyrics of “Imagine”. Another way of putting that could be, “Imagine” describes their religion perfectly, and both their religion and Imagine and the Bible, agree, for the most part. Emphasis on, “for the most part”. 1975 never happened, neither did, 1799, 1874, 1879, 1914, 1915, 1919, 1925. I believe it is the third chapter of that book that is titled “Why Is It Wise To Examine Your Religion” , so I did, so I have done, so I am doing, so should you do. As I said earlier, God is not involved in the religions of man at this time, this is something that man is doing to appease his craving for a relationship with his heavenly Father. Like the scriptures say, “I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to accurate knowledge.” Another scriptures tells us,”They make the word of God invalid, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.” Do not, I repeat, do not get baptized into a religion that teaches commands of men as doctrines. Baptism is a forever contract with a religion, one false step, not doing exactly what THEY tell you to do, not God, but the men, could result in you never being allowed to speak with your family again, because your family will never speak to you again. Even family members living under the same roof, for instance, your children, or the parents of a child. If you think this is not true, I invite you to Google it. Getting baptized into that faith could be the biggest mistake you ever make in your life. I have said a hundred times, get out of religion, get out of the churches, learn about God, learn about Christ, but you are not going to learn about them in the schools of Satan, and all churches are schools of Satan. Like the scriptures tell us, “And no wonder, because Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light, it is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness, but their end shall be according to their works.” Osteen, Copland and others of those prosperity preachers teach that they are god’s. Someone called Jesus “a god” but Jesus himself never called himself a god, he said he had a God, he said “I am on my way to my God, and to your God”, that is allot different than Kenneth and Joel saying, I am a God.

I use the name Jehovah, and I do not go to foreign countries and kill innocent men women and children, I do not vote, and I do not celebrate the sacrifice of children at Christmas time, and I do not celebrate the slaughtering of natives, raping their wives, burning their homes and stealing their land at Thanksgiving. I do not celebrate death at Halloween. I believe that Jesus was exactly who he said he was, the Son of God, he was not the Father, he said he had a Father. I am not willing to call Jesus a liar. God does not torture people forever in a fiery hell, nor does everyone become angels in heaven, the earth is going to remain forever, and mankind is going to live forever upon it. Almost all of the dead will be brought back to life, even the unrighteous, and given a thousand years, in perfect surroundings, to get their act together. And because of this, some may equate me with a particular religion. I do not make that claim, and neither should you. The things I do not do, neither should anyone. The things I believe have abundant scriptural support which I spelled out in overwhelming detail on my web site. The name of Jehovah was initiated in the 12th century, when translating the scriptures from Latin to English, it is found carved in stone from that period, it is also found in the King James Bible, so that name is well known. To this day however there exist great conflict over it, just as we should all expect in a world ruled over by Satan, Satan does not want you to know anything about God, not even his name. Google the Tetragrammaton. The correct pronunciation of God’s name was lost through superstition by the Jews who refused to use it. Hebrew was written with Consonants and the reader supplied the vowels. Yahweh is also an appropriate pronunciation if you chose.

I write about religion so much, because whether or not you realize it, or even want to admit it, Religion is in control of your life. So even if you are not religious, you are still a slave to it, and you need to know how, and why that is. I am not preaching to you, the things I write are things that you need to know, they are issues of life and death, not only to you, but to all of us, I could really use your help.

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